Dog Selfie Stick

Perfect for dog lovers who want that perfect selfie with their companion, you’ll never have to worry about your dog being distracted in that all important photo capture. Introducing the Dog Selfie Stick

For Any Smartphone


With it’s simple clip-on design, this gadget is incredibly simple and easy to attach to your smartphone. After playing ball with your dog, simply press the ball into the selfie stick. Having the tennis ball mounted in close proximity with the camera makes it seem that your dog is gazing directly into the lens!

Tennis Ball Is Squeaky


As well as being bright and luminous to catch your dog’s attention the tennis ball also squeaks once it is pressed! This is a useful way to regain your dogs attention once  the tennis ball is mounted.

Holds The Dogs Gaze

Dog Selfie Stick

3…2…1 and pose! Your dog is sure to stand to attention for extended periods of time, allowing you to get the perfect lighting and angle for your photo!

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